Droid Hackathon at Home -> A fun app :)

Recently, favourable winds in my direction at work ensured that the Senior Management handed me the responsibility of leading my team into developing an Android app for a newly launched Zoho app. In a very short period of time, we were able to release the app (Thanks to my super focussed and passionate team) and it so far, our customers are loving it. During the course of development, we came across quite a few of challenges and I personally learnt a lot.

After all these experiences, I was toying with the idea of developing an Android app (a fun app) in one night/day – more like Droid-hackthon at home. I decided to take up this challenge on August 14th night and planned to come up with a working app before Aug 15th night.

The previous week I saw Anjana playing with her iPad (Yes all mobile devices at home are her’s only and not ours ;) ) She says “A” after the tablet says A and taps on it… and repeats B and so on. I noticed that the FREE version of the app had only 5 alphabets and in order to get 26 alphabets, I had to upgrade (what the heck).. So there was my app requirement, staring right at my face. I decided to write a complete alphabet app on my own and take it up on Droid-hackthon day.

Started working on this app (August 14th – 9 PM) by choosing the different fonts for the app and deciding on the features to be added in the app. After putting everything together, I was able to come up with the working version in 5 hours time. I wanted to put this app in Google Play Store on Aug 15th itself, but (80/20 rule happened) due to some family commitments, I was not able to spend time to finish off the app completely.. Somehow managed to work on it last night and published the app in G Play Store :)

Here is what you will find in the app:

With this colorful app, Kids will love learning the English alphabets.There are 7 different fonts in which alphabets appear in the app . A different version comes up each time you tap on the magic button or anywhere on the screen. The app contains flashcards to teach your kids and also a quiz to check how well your kid has learnt.

Curious to know how the app looks? Take a look at the below screenshots,

Screenshot_2013-08-28-15-46-14 Screenshot_2013-08-28-15-46-24 Screenshot_2013-08-28-15-47-56

Screenshot_2013-08-28-15-47-18 Screenshot_2013-08-28-15-47-01 Screenshot_2013-08-28-15-46-32

Go ahead and install the app here

Android app on Google Play

If you like the app, do rate it in GPlay Store :) If you find any missing features or any glaring mistakes, do comment it here.. will get it rectified :)

I’m planning to do Droid-hackathon at home in coming months as well.. So you can expect atleast one fun app for every single month.. Stay tuned!! :)

Bow woow – a new Android app!!

The Kids FlashCards app that I published last month turned out to be quite popular in Google Play Store.. Thanks +Anjana for asking :) The app has crossed 2500 installs so far and is being used world-wide in countries like US, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore etc., Of more than 1000 apps in Kids Flashcards category, the app is listed in the 9th place in Google Play Store. I got emails from app users praising the app and how useful it is to them. Some even said that the app was their kids’ favourite lunchtime routine.. All this positive feedback motivated me and the excitement was out of the world when some folks at my office called and thanked me for the app :) All this pushed me to come up with one more app for kids.

On a lazy weekend, as usual I was playing with my lil angel.. I took her outside our home and noticed a something new… Whenever my overzealous daughter saw dog, crow or parrot, she screams Kakka Kakka or bow bow boww on top of her voice until the poor animal goes out of her sight ;) That is when I decided to that my next app would be exclusively for animals. Despite her busy schedule (running behind our daughter all the time ;) ) my wifey helped me collect a lot of pictures of domestic and wild animals, birds, baby animals etc., and edited them all to fit them in the mobile layout.

It will not be fair if I didn’t mention this special person +Balaganesh who extended his help in the UI design for this app.. He spent a weekend and gave me the UI design with all the necessary specifications/icons.. I was pumped up after seeing the super make over of the app and immediately worked on giving life to the UI design.. I burnt midnight oil for nearly 5 nights to get to a working version of the app.

Here are some details about the app,


With this app you can introduce your child to wildlife in all its glory.. With over 100 high quality flash cards and sounds, your child will have a wonderful time amongst the different kinds of animals, birds, insects and reptiles.. Learning is so much fun for preschool kids with these colorful and interactive flashcards. Bring a complete zoo right to your mobile phone with this app and watch your kids learn the names of animals and birds in days!

  • Colorful flashcards with animal names, pictures and sounds.
  • 6 different categories from the animal kingdom.
  • Great for tiny tots and toddlers alike.
  • High quality pictures.
  • Easy swipe action.
  • Child friendly screens and navigation.
  • Sound On/Off option.
  • Random/ Alphabetical order option.
  • Can keep your kids entertained anywhere, anytime!
  • Its free and will always be.

Screenshot_2013-06-02-17-54-22  Screenshot_2013-06-02-17-54-49  Screenshot_2013-06-03-16-38-33

Go ahead and try out the app and let me know if your toddler likes it!!

Android app on Google Play

As usual please do send me any bouquets or brickbats about the app :) I’m all ears!!

P.S: In the last post, I promised to write the technology used and the challenges that I faced during app development, but didn’t have enough time to write it down.. If you’re still looking for it, wait for the next post ;)

She asked, I Wrote !!

Gone are the days when ammas used to show the moon and tell some stories to feed their kids.. I’ve had Nila soru – (dinner in the terrace on a full moon day) many times and it was always great fun.. We would get rice-balls in our outstretched palms, while listening to some interesting stories..

In this post, I’m going to refer to kids born after 2010 as this generation kids.. kids born before 2010 as previous generation kids..

Shockingly, the kids of this generation neither like Nila soru concept nor they do listen to Paatti-Vada suttah stories ;) They’re mostly attracted towards new electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, laptop etc., They are also really smart for their age. My one yr old daughter +Anjana will open her mouth to eat, only when we show some flashcard apps in our iPad or Nexus phone. Anjana can even swipe left or right and knows how to quit the app by hitting on the home button :) I wonder if I was this smart when I was her age? but yeeah thank God we didn’t have iPad’s 20 yrs back (no I’m not 21 now ;) )

I’ve been installing and trying out a few flash card apps. Each app comes with one limitation or the other.. If we see what we like, we are immediately asked to upgrade to “unlock” more than one category. That is when I decided to write an app on my own.. My knowledge of Objective C is very limited. I didn’t want to take the risk of getting into something which I am not comfortable :) so worked on an Android flashcard app for kids..

In this app, the kids can learn Alphabets, Numbers, Fruits, Vegetables, Colors and Shapes with high quality images and professional voice-overs.


Here are the screenshots of the app,

Screenshot_2013-04-08-17-58-08   Screenshot_2013-04-08-17-59-17    Screenshot_2013-04-08-17-58-38   Screenshot_2013-04-08-17-59-00

My daughter is the beta tester of the app.. She started loving it, and that gave me the courage to post it @ Google Play Store so that other parents can also have happier meal times :)

Go ahead and install the app..

Android app on Google Play

P.S: If you’re interested in the technology that I used and the challenges that I faced during app development, wait for the next post :)


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