DriveHQ – Online Web File Manager

DriveHQ offers 1 GB of free storage space.

Few highlights about DriveHQ

* Supports drag-n-drop thousand of files or gigabytes of data

* Supports advanced file caching

* Encryption and Compression

* It has the support to resume broken downloads/uploads

All in all the UI is quite easy to use as the interface is very similar to Windows Explorer. With many years of technology development, DriveHQ differentiates from all other Internet Services by making Internet storage as easy and efficient as local drives and is 3 times faster than regular FTP/HTTP.


2 thoughts on “DriveHQ

  1. sidney says:

    Thanks for the info. I tried it and found DriveHQ FTP server very useful. I have just finished uploading a file of 200MB, very easy and the client software is very intuitive, like Windows Explorer.

  2. If you want more free space check out which I covered in the below URL gives away 1GB of free storage space.

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