KoolIM – An online Web Messenger.

KoolIM is an online web based Instant Messenging service. It is really coool, elegant and make nice use of Ajax. KoolIM does chat through a browser popup window(which is annoying for some users). So within a single browser window you can use the following instant messaging services AIM, MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, ICQ. There is no need for any registration, but for quicker login into all the IM services you can create a free account.

Some of the competitors for KoolIM include Meebo(which i personally love most), ILoveIM, Mabber, eMessenger, MessengerFX, Wablet, Goowy, Imunitive, RadiusIM. The web based online chat offering is constantly growing and is getting crowded day by day.

These Web based services are getting really popular in colleges, schools, and in work places where IM clients are blocked.


8 thoughts on “KoolIM

  1. clair says:

    all theses websites have been banned from my bskewl are there any more you know of that i could try

  2. Samer says:

    try web1.koolim.com



  3. @ Clair

    How abt trying out Zoho Chat. It is also a web based instant messaging service. It also doesnt require any download/installation.

    Check out in the below url

  4. Rixi says:

    hey!! r there any more … the ones above don’t work 😦

  5. Rixi:

    Could you please tell me which one doesnt work??

  6. […] There are many other web based chat services available. Some of them include Meebo, ILoveIM, Mabber, eMessenger, MessengerFX, Wablet, Goowy, Imunitive, RadiusIM, Vicito, KoolIM(I blogged abt this here) […]

  7. heven says:

    hiya pple

  8. heven says:

    gan on this its MINT!

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