Chess Resource

If you are a serious chess lover then this post is for you!

You can download the list of chess books here.

I strongly recommend to look at the following Famous mates.

Smothered Mate

Eupalette Mate

Boden’s Mate

Greco’s Mate

Damiano’s Mate

Morphy’s Mate

Morphy’s Concealed Mate

Pillsbury’s Mate

Blackburne’s Mate

Lolli’s Mate

Anastasia’s Mate

Fool’s Mate

Anderssen’s Mate

Legal’s Mate

Reti’s Mate

Back Rank Mate

Two Bishoo Mate

Bishop + Knight Mate

If you are looking to play an online Ajaxfied chess game check out here

Last but not the least, Im a big fan of Tim Krabbe’s website which contains lots of problems, end game studies and much more. Worth checking it.


2 thoughts on “Chess Resource

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  2. […] which I mentioned earlier here. If u are an ardent lover of chess check out the chess resources here and […]

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