DivShare – Upload anything.

DivShare – The easiest way to share your files online.

There are lots and lots of online file sharing sites are available on the web like Rapidshare, Megashare, Megupload etc., But divshare is quite different from others and is far better than their competitors. You can upload anything and is unlimited and the files stay in their servers forever i.e., there is no expiration date. The web interface is nice and clean and there are no popup ads or spam. There is an inbuilt audio player to listen to the uploaded Mp3 files or podcasts and even it can be embeded right on ur website or blogs. Even video files can be embeded but the system automatically convert the file to a Flash video format.

You can use Divshare Groups if you want to share ur files with multiple people. They describe it as a “simple and social way to share your files with people around with the web”. One good feature is that users will be able to subscribe to groups via email or RSS. You can also set the privacy level of the group by having the following decision.

* Who can see your group
* Who can join the group
* Who can add files

So if you are looking for a virtual harddrive, I suggest you to give it a try.


2 thoughts on “DivShare – Upload anything.

  1. Tom says:

    Interesting , like a social network for sharing files and stuff , seems kinda cool , i was using search engines like http://www.rapidshare1.com and http://www.rapidsearchlinks.com

  2. Tom:

    In rapidshare, if the file is inactive for some days it gets expired which means it will be deleted from the servers. So I dont think its a effective sharing site.

    Check out http://esnips.com. It might be useful to u.


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