MyNoteIt – Online Notetaking.

If you are a student and looking for an online web based note taking application then MyNoteIt is for you. It allows you to type/upload the notes, search for public nots and even tag ur notes. You can share your notes with other students which allowing for easy  collaboration. It has many other good set of features as well. Check out below.

Im pretty suprised that MyNoteIt is the creation of only two folks, Alex and Justin. Great job guyz.

  Ask the community your dire question at the message boards. 
  Access your notes on your mobile phone via mynoteIT Mobile. 
  Upload Word and OpenOffice documents, images of scanned notes and audio notes.
  Keep track of all your upcoming assignments and get them done with your to-do list.
  Use our sophisticated WYSIWYG editor to easily take, edit and store your notes online.
  Instantly search your notes or the mynoteIT community notes, and learn something new.
  Create a bookmark list of the most helpful and useful notes you find on mynoteIT.
  Join or create class groups or school groups so you’re never out of the loop.
  View all your upcoming assignments on your calendar.
  Add friends to your friends list to easily keep in touch with each other.
  Easily keep track of all your grades in all your classes.
  Store your teachers contact information to easily contact them anytime.
  Go through the revision process with your friends with our note tree.

There are many other similar applications. Look @ Microsoft’s OneNote, ZohoNotebook, Stikkit, Google Notebook, Notemesh.




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