Jaxtr Link your phone

If you would like to speak to ur friends abroad/local with free/minimal charges then Jaxtr is for you. It is in public beta now which means you can simply signup for a free jaxtr account and then link ur phone to a social networking site or a blog. Your friends will definitely love it as they now call you for free on ur mobile without downloading anything. They just need to enter their phone number and their phone rings, then jaxtr connects the call.

Once the first call is initiated, jaxtr provides the caller with a unique and permanent number, which they can use to call the same person in the future, to bypass the expensive international or long distance fees charged by the phone companies.

There are quite number of new features have found a place in the public beta version:


Lets users record their own voice to greet and update people who visit their profile or blog

Voice and Text Messages:

Allows callers to send voice or text messages in addition to making phone calls.

Blog Widget:

Bloggers now have a widget specifically designed for adding into the sidebars of blogs.

Worldwide Support:

Jaxtr users can now receive calls from people in over 200 countries.

Local Numbers:

Adds thousands of direct-dial numbers in the U.S., Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Also there are few other competitors in this space which includes Jajah, Hullo, Rebtel, ConnectMeAnywhere. But I personally feel Jaxtr is the best of others :).

So feel free to give this widget a try and do let me know if you have anything to mention.

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