Yahoo Chess

If you are an ardent fan of Chess, and luv to play online chess with the people around the globe, then Yahoo Chess will be the right choice. Any interested players with skills ranging from beginner to Master can try out Yahoo Chess. You can also chat with ur opponents/friends. It is for FREE and so u can play unlimited games, but u need to have a Yahoo ID to play games.

If you would like to play chess with me send an email to buzznaveen (at) gmail (dot) com. We can fix a date/time and will enjoy the game. BTW my rating is around 1600 and believe me I can fight well 🙂

Well, if you are looking for good online chess resources check out here. and if you wanna play ajaxified chess 😉 click here.


2 thoughts on “Yahoo Chess

  1. […] used to play lots of chess games online(thanx to Yahoo Chess) which I mentioned earlier here. If u are an ardent lover of chess check out the chess resources here and […]

  2. […] During my weekends I used to play lotz of chess games online in Yahoo Chess as I said earlier here. Today as being an enjoyable weekend I took my laptop and started playing games. To have more FUN […]

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