Google Desktop for Linux :)

gdesk.jpg Google has recently released Desktop Search application for Linux. It lets you to search information on ur computer or from the web quickly and easily. It was developed by Google’s Beijing engineering team which runs on Debian 4.0, Fedora Core 6, Ubuntu 6.10, SUSE 10.1 and Red flag 5. Also Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or above is required to index viewed web pages.

If u are using Ubuntu (Linux flavour) like me then follow the below steps to install Google Desktop.

1. Open a Shell window.
2. Switch to a root user or use sudo command and run the following

dpkg –install google-desktop*.deb

After running the command you need to manually start Google Desktop by choosing Menu -> Applications -> Google Desktop.

If u dont find any options in the menu better restart ur system and Google Desktop would start automatically 😉

Once the application is up and running, it will automatically start indexing ur emails(stored in Gmail), files, images, webpages which is stored on ur computer. The indexing process doesnt hinder u by any means as it runs in the background and it will take several hours to index all the files on the computer. So once the index is complete and if u open/save/move files on ur computer Google Desktop updates the index automatically so no manual intervention is needed.

To start search simply press the Ctrl key twice which opens up the Quick Search Box.

You can try Google Desktop in the following languages English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

If u find any problem with Google Desktop check out Google’s help centre here.

Uninstalling Google Desktop is quite simple. Run the below command in a terminal

dpkg -r google-desktop-linux

and it totally cleans up Google desktop from ur computer.

BTW Google Desktop is a free download and u can get it from here

If u are not satisfied with GDesktop try out Beagle which is another search tool to find whatever you’re looking for.


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