DocuFarm is online document viewer which allows u to view DOC, PDF, RTF, XLS, PPT, PPS right on the browser without need to download on ur local computer.

If you upload a document it is automatically converted into images and it is shown as thumbnail. The document will be available on their servers so that when u view the document next time it will be fast. Hence there is a high chance that anybody can view ur document using DocuFarm search page (If the keyword is found in ur document). To avoid this kind of privacy issues after viewing the document u can click on “Remove from our cache” and by doing this u will get a message like “The document was successfully removed from our cache”. But when u want to see the same document again u will have wait till Docufarm download the document and converts into images.

If u maintain a blog/website which contains links to documents(of filetypes mentioned above) u can automatically redirect ur users to view the documents online by just including this script in ur page.

DocuFarm also provides extensions/plugins for Internet Explorer and Firefox which lets u open the document right away. So install the extension here (Firefox users) or here (IE users) to view the supported documents right on ur browser.

BTW Our Zoho Viewer is similar Online Document Viewer which I already mentioned here.

Use these Document sharing site and get rid of email attachments 🙂


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