Google RSS Reader now Searchable

I have been using Google Reader for many years to check out the latest IT/Web2.0 news. It was the greatest upset that the RSS feeder from the giant search company doesnt have search functionality. But now Im exicited to see the much awaited Search box in Google Reader. With search box, u can search all ur subscribed feeds or search by category/tags.

The Google Reader blog has officially announced several new features which includes collapsible sidebar, increased unread count, in addition to the search feature.

There are many issues after this mighty update. Im using Firefox 2.0+ and I see only the upper toolbar (which includes Logo, Google Account) when I directly login into Google Reader. Later I realized that after logging into one of the other Google Services (like Mail, Docs, Notebook) Google RSS renders without any issues.
Many people are complaining that Google Reader has stopped working with Opera.

It is really amazing to see that the leading search company took so long time (almost 2 years) to add this search feature into its own RSS feeder with bugs 😉


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