Manging ur data with ContactOffice.

In the recent Office 2.0 conference held in San Francisco, ContactOffice has released a public beta of its Web Office suite. It is now completely powered by AJAX, developed with GWT (Google Web Toolkit). It has complete set of collaboration features which includes Calendaring, Contact management, Documents sharing, Skype integration, SMS, Fax, Notes, Bookmarks.

There are many good features which I personally like, and some of them include:

1. AntiVirus for all the Documents that you upload – All the documents that u upload will be scanned for viruses and will be refused by the system if it contains any trojan/virus in it.

2. Skype Integration – While doing instant messaging, you can call your contacts with Skype.

3. Calendar in ur RSS reader – You can integrate ur personal/group events in ur favorite RSS reader.

It has many other features as well. To look at the entire list click here.

I dont think any other web office suite like Zoho, Zimbra, Thinkfree has these features set.

The service is internationalized and it has support for English, French, Spanish and Dutch languages.

You can take a test-drive with the new beta here.


3 thoughts on “Manging ur data with ContactOffice.

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  2. As professionals use groupware ContactOffice to draft and negotiate legal and business transactions, issues will arise regarding record retention and discovery in litigation.

  3. Naveen says:


    Im sorry i cudnt understand ur comment completely

    Do u mean people shouldnt use collaborative tools for business purpose? Could u please elaborate on ur comment?

    Naveen. V

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