Ahhh Google presently is finally out.

Techcrunch reports that Google is going to launch a new product at Techcrunch40 and as expected the much awaited and loong rumored Google Presently is launched at the event and changed the name as Google Docs which was Google Docs & Spreadsheets earlier.

If you look at the Google Docs “New” pulldown menu you’ll see a new entry for creating presentation.

You can do collaborative development of presentations, meaning you can share and do collaborate editing with ur friends & collegues. Also you can chat with your audiences who are watching your slideshows.

There are many issues/missing features in the current release

1. You can import presentation files lesser than 10MB of size and there is no way to export ur presentation.
2. External objects cannot be embeded into ur presentation and there is no way for cool transitions and sounds.
3. You can insert images which should be less than 2MB
4. Right after the release, InsideGoogle found a vulnerability.
5. Login page still says “Google Docs & Spreadsheets” eventhough they renamed it as “Google Docs”
6. I have created a presentation about the latest buzzword Ajax 🙂 but there is no option to embed it into the webpage 😦 But if u wanna check out click here to view my presentation

Im wondering how a big company took so loong time to ship a half baked product 😉

Let me stop complaining here 🙂 If you wanna try other online power point tools check out Zoho Show, Preezo, Slideshare.

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