Chess Chess Chesss!!!!

During my weekends I used to play lotz of chess games online in Yahoo Chess as I said earlier here. Today as being an enjoyable weekend 🙂 I took my laptop and started playing games. To have more FUN I decided not to play with my existing id, So I opened up a new yahoo id and started with 0 points.

Here goes my statistics:

Games Completed: 32

Wins: 27

Losses: 5

Draws: 0

Streak: 16.

You know my rating is now 1561 🙂

After one day I played 32 games and won 27 and lost only 5 🙂 My streak is 16 which means I continuously won 16 games 🙂
If u would wish to see my complete chess profile click here. If u want to play chess with me feel free to mail me at
buzznaveen (at) gmail (dot) com.

Update: I crossed 1600 mark successfully 🙂 and my rating is now 1608 and the streak is 23. I have one more good news to share with u. Im going to participate in State level Chess competition which is to be held on 27th & 28th of Oct @ Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, Chennai. If u wanna meet me plz drop me a line here.. Please pray for me so that I can grab the championship 🙂

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