Google Reader Sucks.

I used to check out the current news and other IT web2.0 news using Google Reader. Today it didnt allowed me to login. When I signin it just shows the Google Reader Home and redirects me to login page again. I tried more than 5 times in different browsers and platform but all went in vain. It throws me out to login page everytime eventhough my login credentials are authenticated.

I found the following err. using Firebug

Error: missing } in XML expression source File:
Line: 569, Column: 23 Source Code: body {font-family: arial,sans-serif}


Error: uncaught exception: Security Error: Content at may not load data from blah blah

In my previous post I said Google might rule even the world, but now these kind of issues would frustrate power users like me.
Google Reader SUCKS 😦

Update: Right after this post I tried again but now Im able to login without any script errs.

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