Gmail 2.0 Rocks!!!

On Oct24th 2007, Google has announced that they are going to rollout a new version of Gmail. Now the new version is available to most of the users. The User Interface doesnt have any drastic changes but the performance has improved a lot. On the UI part Contact Manager has undergone a complete change. It is projected as a separate application which is going to be integrated across Google apps(Google Docs, Google Calendar etc.,). You can take a look @ the separate Contact UI here.

Below is the list of changes in the new version

  • A new JavaScript backend for Gmail that will speed up performance, a big help for those who feel Gmail has gotten too slow.
  • Email messages will be prefetched, so that when you click on them they will have already been downloaded, and will load instantly. When reading a message, you can click Next, Next, Next, and there’s no lag, speeding through a ton of messages instantly. You can even hold down the key and your mail flies by.
  • A new contact manager will launch, integrating accross multiple Google products (including Docs and Calendar).
  • More integration with other Google Products, such as opening email attachments in the appropriate Google Docs application.
  • Looks exactly like Gmail does today, but under the hood it’s completely different.
  • The speaker didn’t say when it’ll launch, just that it’ll be “very soon”.
  • It should really shine “on the new MacBook Pros and the newest version of Safari”, taking advantage of new browser technology. Relevant information for a small market segment, but what about the rest of us?
  • Uses the same text editor from Page Creator and Google Groups.

If u see a older version link at the top of the page then it means u can enjoy the new set of features.

Having launched Gmail2.0, IMAP support Google havent released all of its new features. Gmail engineers are working on new features which will be released sooon.

Lonut Alex of Google System found hints in the Gmail source code which has the following set of features.

1. Ability to chat with friends on multiple IM networks using Jabber Transport.
2. Colors for Labels.
3. Detaching messages from a conversation.

GSpace (A firefox extension which allows u to use Gmail space for file storage) which I mostly use doesnt work with the new version of Gmail. Eventhough ur login credentials are correct it will throw an error alert saying “Cookie Retrieval Failed”. As a workaround to make it work I did the below mentioned changes.

1. Login into ur Gmail account
2. Go to Preferences and change the language from English US to something(eg. English UK)
3. Save the settings.

After following the above steps u can use GSPace but u have to live with the older version of Gmail.

Let me know what do u like/dislike most in the new version of GMail 2.0

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