Kasparov arrested.

Gary Kasparov the former Russian Chess champion was arrested in Moscow and sentenced to five days in prison 😦

Kasparov and some of his supporters tried to march through central Moscow to hand in a petition at the central election commission following an hour-long demonstration by his loose opposition coalition, The Other Russia. A brawl ensued between demonstrators and police, and Kasparov and his bodyguards were bundled into a bus by OMON special police and driven a short distance.

More news here

Kasparov was the youngest world chess champion in 1985 and holds the record as No.1 continuously until his retirement in 2005. He played a game against the Rest of the world(around 50,000 individuals from different countries) in 1999 and had won convincingly.

Its really shocking to see such legends being arrested and sentenced to jail 😦


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