JQuery Rocks !!!

I’ve been playing with JQuery, a Javascript Library for quite sometime and I’m pleased with the way JQuery works! It really reduces the burden of writing unnecssary JS code 🙂 Let me brief of what exactly JQuery does and how to make use of it.

JQuery is an open source project, created by John Resig in early 2006. It is very lightweight and provides a wide range of features with cross-platform capability all in a single JS file.

The following can be achieved with the help of JQuery:

  • DOM traversal/selection
  • Add effects/animation to the webpage
  • Ajax capability (Retrieving an information from the server without reloading the page)
  • Modify the appearance of the page (CSS manipulation)
  • Offers a variety of JS plugins which can be seen here.

The above features exist in just a single 15KB file which can be downloaded here. The JS is dual licensed under GNU Public license and MIT license.

If you are new to JS programming u can check out JQuery documentation here.

Jesse Skinner has written an example on Simplify Ajax development with jQuery

Im now completely sold on JQuery. Thanks to John Resig for his excellent work 🙂

In my upcoming posts I will try to explain the main features of JQuery with simple example. Keep watching this space to know more on JQuery 🙂

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