JQuery1.3 released

Few months back I’ve started using JQuery whenever I handle any client-side code. I was pleased with the way it worked and has written a post “JQuery Rocks“.

Today John Resig team has done a major release of JQuery 1.3. The major features of this release are

  • Sizzle: A sizzlin’ hot CSS selector engine.
  • Live Events: Event delegation with a jQuery twist.
  • jQuery Event Overhaul: Completely rewired to simplify event handling.
  • HTML Injection Rewrite: Lightning-fast HTML appending.
  • Offset Rewrite: Super-quick position calculation.
  • No More Browser Sniffing: Using feature detection to help jQuery last for many more years to come.

The full details of this release can be seen here and the JQuery minified code can be downloaded here

You can hit “http://api.jquery.com” to see the latest JQuery and JQuery UI documentation. It has the live running examples and the links to edit and experiment with the code examples given.

Also most importantly, this API site is also available offline as Adobe AIR application. Click here to download and install AIR API browser.

I’m really excited to try out the new features in the release. If time permits 😉 I will be playing with JQuery in the next couple of days and will try to integrate it in my existing codebase.


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