Take Zoho everywhere with Zoho Gadgets

We’ve launched gadgets for Zoho with the intent to connect Zoho applications with the external applications. To start with, we are offering the following six Zoho gadgets.

  • Zoho Docs (Including Writer, Sheet & Show)
  • Zoho Mail
  • Zoho Calendar
  • Zoho Tasks
  • Zoho Contacts and
  • Zoho Planner
Zoho Gadgets

Zoho Gadgets

Going forward, we do have plans to offer even more gadgets for their other applications.

The gadgets are OpenSocial compatible which means you can use these gadgets in any OpenSocial compatible network like iGoogle, Myspace, Blogspot etc., As these gadgets support the authorization standard OAuth, you need not enter Zoho login information to access them while you’re in iGoogle or GMail.

Also the gadgets can be embeded in Zoho applications like Zoho Notebook, Wiki, Writer, Show etc., with our standard embed option.

The following Media/blog has covered about ZGadgets release:

Also there are flurry of tweets abt Zoho Gadgets with the tag line “Take Zoho Apps Anywhere With Gadgets” 🙂

Please do give ZGadgets a go and let me know your feedback


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