ReTweet button in webpage.

John Resig has released a Javascript solution for adding ReTweet buttons to the webpages. It makes use of JavaScript API for tracking the number of people visiting a blog post from Twitter. There are many such services available like Tweetmeme Button, Backtype Tweetcount which does the same, but JohnResig script is simple and straightforward and is interesting because of the following reasons

  • Completely Unobtrusive You can place the script in the <head> of your document instead of inline. The other scripts rely upon document.write() and write out iframes into your document.
  • Speed Retweet.js works completely asynchronously, loading data and updating the rendering as it comes in. This means that the buttons won’t block your page while they’re loading (unlike the other buttons).
  • Pure HTML/CSS The result is just pure HTML styled with CSS – you can customize it however you wish, no images are required.
  • Number of clicks, not retweets. The number of retweets may be interesting to some but it’s a poor indicator of actual traffic. Instead, the number of clicks coming in is shown instead (a much more useful number).
  • You control the data All tracking works directly through, not a third party – this means that all the clicks and traffic can be stored straight in your account, not some third parties.
  • 100% Open Source This script is released under the MIT license and is completely open to modification and redistribution. The full source is available on Github.

Make use of this script to spread the message as Twitter has become a FREE marketing tool 🙂


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