My First Android App on Google Play :)

Its been a loooooong time since my last post.. I’ve been held up with various things like my work, personal life etc., 🙂 and only now I got the time and inclination to record my experience of an Android app development.. Please to skip this post if you’re an ios user 😉

There are lots and lots of apps in the Android market (err Google Play), many of which are really awwesome.. My desire to write Android app dates back to 2010 (yeaah its a very loong period indeed) when I attended Google IO 2010 conference and Google gifted me an Android enabled device (read NexusOne) on my birthday – May 19th 2010 🙂    But the desire had to be shelved due to various reasons like tight work schedule, personal life, etc, although the major blame could be laid on my laziness 😉

Couple of months back, I decided enough was enough and sat down to build my first Android app. I installed Eclipse plugin, Android SDK and the necessary tools  for development in Mac..  Writing an Android app is a matter of ensuring that the right tools are installed or configured to start the development process. I was pleasantly surprised by the development tools as they were very smooth and useful. I started reading tutorials/blogs and followed Android geeks in @Twitter, +Google etc., All of this motivated me to give more attention to Android.

It goes without saying that writing your “Hello World” app is an essential first step in getting started with any language.. The initial “Hello World” apps came out very well and I tested them successfully in the Android emulator .. and this drove me to try out and develop some other useful apps that can be used for day to day activities..

I decided to write an “Organizational Contact Manager” for my personal use.. I developed the app using HTML5 and WebSQL storage. After checking out the app in my Nexus phone, I was pretty excited about my progress with Android development.

Android development and following related technologies becaome my weekend addictions and I started developing small apps to try and put to use the technologies that I learnt..

Two weeks back one of my friends emailed me a “Companies logo quiz” in a xls sheet. That triggered the idea of writing a very simple quiz app and publishing it in Google Play. I started searching for the technologies that I can use to develop the app. After playing around with few mobile frameworks including PhoneGap, Sencha etc., I finally decided to make use of JQueryMobile framework and use HTML5 for storage. JQueryMobile is awesome as it eased my development process on UI front  (An exclusive blog post on JQueryMobile will be coming up very soon (u know what I mean by soon 🙂 )

Since I couldn’t collect various companies logo/images of the same size, I decided to work on a similar app “World Flags quiz”.. After a Google search, I downloaded 224 flags of various countries in one single click. [BTW do ping me if you find any site to download various companies logo of the same size]

I wrote the app over the weekend, but it took nearly 5 days to prepare the promo materials for publishing the app in Google Play. I paid the one-off registration fee of $25 and Google took 2 looong days to approve my account.. There is no way to avoid paying the fee 😉 The Android Market is quite open. As long as the apps satisfy the basic requirements, it will be published very easily.

I uploaded the .apk file, necessary promotional images and filled up the product details. I hit publish and voila!! I’m an authorized Android developer now 😀

Here are the few screenshots of my first published Android App 🙂


Go ahead install my app and let me know your comments..

Get it on Google Play

Thanks for the great platform, Android team!!


5 thoughts on “My First Android App on Google Play :)

  1. Karthik says:

    Very inspiring post.. I’ll also try to publish an Android app some day 🙂


  2. […] and related technologies… My loong time dream was fulfilled last week – published “My First Android App” on Google Play.. This would not have been possible without JQuery Mobile. As promised in my […]

  3. David says:

    Few weeks back, I started playing with Sencha, jQTouch and JQueryMobile and came across your post. I was in a dilemma on which one to choose. After reading your blog posts, I decided to use JQueryMobile and publish the app in the market. Thanks for the post.

  4. Ananth says:

    jQuery mobile offers great UI components. But, you might as well have a look at bootstrap.

    It offers awesome UI + grid system to fit any device upto 12 columns per row!.

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