Inconvenience is a bliss :)

For the last few months, my weekends are tightly packed with shuttle-badminton, ping-pong games and mostly importantly playing with my daughter Anjana 🙂 That explains why I haven’t updated this space.. Thanks to Diwali and the looong weekend, I snatched some time off to pen down a quick update.

For weeks.. err. years TamilNadu is plagued by frequent power-cuts. If you’re in Chennai, India you might very well know that there are 2-hour power-cuts every single day.. Most people here in Chennai have learnt to put up with the power-cut nuisance..  My wife effectively utilizes the time by reading some books.. She even proudly says that she’s finished a book before her iPad battery drains out.. To combat boredom induced by the power-cut nuisance,I started building Android apps.. For me writing Android apps is a lot more fun than reading books 😉  For few months, without any distraction (no FBing, tweets, emails, quora etc.,)  I utilized the 2hr powercuts to develope android apps..  I was really amazed at my productivity and output in 120 minutes 🙂
I developed two Android apps (so far), solely during the power-cuts ..

My first attempt was a fun quiz app that tests your knowledge of capitals and currencies of different countries in the world.

I published it in July and got nearly 500 installs so far from various parts of the world.. Being a Geography hater at school I never thought that I’d come up with this kind of app.. See if you can crack it and don’t forget to let me know how you fared 🙂

On a lazy saturday, I got a SMS message that read “Your Mobile No. just won $500,000.00 in mobile lucky draw.. 🙂 Though I know it is a scam I wanted to know how much would that money be in Indian currency 😉 I opened my Mac and clicked on the browser (GChrome of course.. )  but realized almost immediately that I needed to wait for another hour for the power to come..  That is when I decided to write a simple Currency Converter app that works in offline mode as well.

So here is the other app that I published – “Simple Currency Converter” just now.


This app lets you convert more than 90 currencies of various countries in one single click.. The main advantage of this app is that it works in offline mode.. so the conversion will be blazing fast.. Also you can view the values of various currencies in a single view by setting a base currency.. All the currency values are being fetched from Yahoo Finance and are locally persisted in a sqliteDB in the app.

Go ahead and install this app in your Android enabled device.. So next time you receive any such SMS you can do the conversion in your mobile itself.

Android app on Google Play

Inconvenience is also a bliss 😉 Thanks to the govt. for the power-cut… Jai-Hind 🙂


One thought on “Inconvenience is a bliss :)

  1. Balaji says:

    Congrats buddy….optimum utilisation of time..

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